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Unprepared on Offa’s Dyke

Today we should have been walking the Kington to Hay-on-Wye section of Offa’s Dyke. Instead, we are back home early. The big rucksacks that I mentioned in the previous blogpost were not only very large but very heavy. They just about fitted into the tent, but this made for some pretty awkward sleeping conditions. Sophie’s rucksack turnedContinue reading “Unprepared on Offa’s Dyke”


I haven’t updated the blog since October and thought now would be a good time to do so. I have come to the end of the taught part of my research methods masters, and I am now starting the dissertation phase. I am very excited to put what I have learnt into practice and can’tContinue reading “Update”

The Not-So-Distant Hum

As I stood in the queue at the Post Office waiting to return a parcel last week, I noticed a book called Walking Cardiff. Peter Finch contributes the routes and words, and John Briggs provides the images. However, the book is more than just a guidebook, as the blurb on the back cover points out.Continue reading “The Not-So-Distant Hum”

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